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Originally Posted by lemondrops View Post
However, polyamory still was and has been the topic that makes me yell, scream, cry, break stuff.
No, you choose to react to the topic by yelling, screaming, crying and breaking stuff. You may not be able to control your emotions, but you can control your behaviour.

Originally Posted by lemondrops View Post
I must say that I do not like the idea of having multiple partners, it actually scares me tremendously. BUT it is not so much that I yell because of polyamory, I yell because it seems that my boyfriend think only about polyamory and his polyamorous future. He has made me feel worthless, disposable, being replaced, not enough and I feel I am bound to get hurt, so how in the hell could I support it?
Again, you yell because you choose to yell. Nothing is taking control of your vocal cords and forcing you to do it without conscious volition. If this is not the case, seek medical and/or psychiatric attention.

Originally Posted by lemondrops View Post
I mean for the 2 years of our relationship we have been together almost literally 24/7 and sure, we don't have many hobbies or jobs outside our home, so maybe this has added to the tension, but I think it is mostly because of the polyamory burden we both have been carrying.
This is not a healthy way to run a relationship. How can you be a good partner to someone when have no time to yourself? If it wasn't polyamory, you'd be concerned about the housework burden you've both have been carrying or the videogame addiction burden you've both have been carrying.

Originally Posted by lemondrops View Post
I am sick of this polyamory bullshit, all I have been doing is reading about it and I feel it never ends, I want acknowledgement for my progress, not him leaving me alone at home.
What progress have you made that you feel you should be praised for?
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