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Malfunktions- No, I don't think he does know just how much it bothers me. I'm not exactly sure how to tell him, but I'm working on figuring it out. He doesn't talk about her all that much, but goddamn facebook keeps reminding me whenever they're doing something together.

LoveBunny- I appreciate the advice, but I'm already doing most of those things. Journaling, exercising, trying to focus on creative projects, talking with my "therapist" (actually my husband, but he's really good).

GalaGirl- I really don't want to break up with him. He's a really great guy, and our relationship has been really good. But it does seem like he's been spending more and more time with her, and less with me, and I've become increasingly distraught over that. I need to let him know how important it is that I get sufficient time with him. Also, I'm not sure that breaking up with him would make me feel better. I would feel heartbroken over it, and then, in a sense, she's managed to break my heart again. Maybe, eventually, it will come to that, I don't know. But I'd like to try every other approach first, even if it means more suckiness.
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