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So! Had a lot of schoolwork, oh how i hate being in school, but that is a rant for another day.

Anyways! Things are going really well over here!

Been on a couple dates with G, and it was really really nice~!
We had our first kissy face time on Thursday! That was fun, hehe

I'm trying to figure out if he is a sub or a dom, as I'm a switch and am trying to figure out which way I should go with I guess?
Though atm it looks like he is a sub... which means more fun for me muahahahahaha! >D

I am the evil.

Oh! Also, having a surprise party for Christie next week for her birthday! She's never had a birthday party before so it is going to be AWESOME. She has no clue~
However the real sad thing is that I didn't even have to lie about the amount of work I have when I told her I was too busy to throw her a party ;-;

It'll also be the first time Gadiel and Christie will meet! Eeee nervousness! D:
They are both brilliant-minded people, though, and I'm hoping they get into a philosophical discussion or something, because it would probably be the coolest conversation ever.
Accidentally Poly and loving it~! <3
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