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I know my purpose, I know where my life needs to go and I know how to do it. I don't mean I have a "plan". I don't. I mean-I just know... I just FEEL in any given moment "I'm supposed to do this" or "I'm not supposed to do that" and I need to DO or NOT DO those things and stop letting other people's refusal to claim their own shit AND DEAL WITH IT, stop me from my own growth and progress....

This is exactly where I am at, i could have wrote this statement myself. A lot of people tell me i am acting illogically, that i am too emtional an making desisions based on feelings and not really thinking it through,
actually this is wrong, its more than just making desisions based on emotion I am making desisions based on a very strong gut instinct as to what is right or wrong for me. I have done this now for at least past 4 or 5 years and every single desision i have come too when I have allowed myself to listen to my own intuition has been right

and when i have not listened to that intuition i have often regretted, doing or not doing something.

A diar consaquence of this was when i was having problems in my pregnancy, i just knew something was wrong and that i needed medical attention but as it was not obvious what exactly was wrong everyone around me including doctors told me that i was an overly anxious first time Mum, and so i ignored the urge to fight with medical staff to get more attention and the result was that i had a massive infection in my womb and my baby was born to early to survive. I will never ignore that kind of intuition again

I think the biggest problem I'm struggling against is my need to stop hesitating versus my desire not to "hurt" people I care about. But by hesitating, I am in fact hurting them, they just don't see it RIGHT NOW...

I struggle with this too,
i sometimes ask myself am i being selfish. I think sometimes yes I am because i have to be. I do not want to hurt people I will listen and support people as much as i can but i simply cannot carry them.

That's hysterical. I started that (asking if they want my two cents or are just venting) about a year ago. I find that MOST people just want to bitch, they don't actually want to DO anything to fix the issue they are bitching about.

When i was doing my training to be a person centred therapist we talked about this a lot, the fact that very often people do not want advice,
sometimes though its not just about wanting to rant or bitch, i think sometimes people are just looking for empathy and for someone to care enough to listen and that is enough. I think what people really need when they are ranting or bitching is someone to listen and reflect what they are saying so they can figure out solutions for themselfs.
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