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I really like challenging peoples perspectives with my own, because I feel like their own perspectives be little my own. I can also appreciate others challenging my perspective, it's been one of the best ways of changing my view on the world. So thank you for keeping me thinking about this. While my choices still might not make you happy, I'm glad we have the chance to speak our minds.

I truly believe a lot of societal life based on lies of omission to make things comfortable for people to get through the day. My self included.

And Like I said, I want things to be casual. This to me means fun, perhaps toy like, you are correct in calling it that. But I still have my favorite toy from when I was a child, I've never tried to change it, and I appreciate it for what it is, care for it and in the case of a human "toy" if they chose not to participate then they are free to do so.

When I met my husband I told him flat out, I didn't think we would get serious. I wanted something, casual, fun, maybe sexual. I knew I would be moving soon after meeting him and I didn't think we would have time really to get attached. And I wouldn't want my life's ambitions to take him away from his life's ambitions. It turned out our ambitions lined up and he traveled with me across the country to live where we currently live. More then 3,000 miles.

So.. I know the direction my life is heading. Out of the most respect I can have for someone else (in my opinion) I don't want to just assume people will want to travel with me (metaphorically). I truly just want to date some girls, learn how to wine and dine them, romance them, have fun new experiences. As if I'm a single female.

Let me ask this in a different way.. what does it really mean to be single? How am I really any different? I feel like my husband is just like a best friend. Best friends don't get in the way of dating do they? My best friend in high school did not. Sure I'm committed to staying with him, but does that mean I have to devote all my time to him? Is that maybe how being single status is so different? I won't have time for the new person?
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