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Post Study: Popular Assumptions About Benefits...monogamy

A Critical Examination of Popular Assumptions About the Benefits andOutcomes of Monogamous Relationships
Terri D. Conley
Ali Ziegler
Amy C. Moors
Jes L. Matsick
Brandon Valentine

In this article, we critically examine the social institution of monogamy. First, we discuss the lack of an adequate and consistentdefinition of the construct of monogamy and consider how common monogamy is. Next, we address perceived benefitsof monogamy and whether those ostensible benefits are supported by empirical evidence. We conclude that evidence forthe benefits of monogamy relative to other relationship styles is currently lacking, suggesting that, for those who chooseit, consensual non-monogamy may be a viable alternative to monogamy. Implications for theories of close relationships arediscussed.
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