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Originally Posted by HappiestManAlive View Post
I'm the densest man on earth, and you've got me beat.
>Giant Guffaw erupts from JaneQ<

Actually, MrS may be the densest man on earth* - but liTN is coming close. Glad you got up the courage to txt her about this - Good Luck!


*He can NEVER tell when someone is hitting on him. We were out at dinner once and the (very cute) waitress was hitting on him over the course of serving us. "I'm new in town...haven't had a chance to meet many people yet." "Do you know of any good dance clubs in the area?" "I get off in a few hours and still don't know what I am going to do with my evening."

I watch him be all polite and friendly ... and clueless. NO IDEA. As we are walking out I say to him: "What does it take, man? Does she literally have to walk up to you and SAY, 'I think you are cute. I get off work at 5. Will you take me to a dance club?'" - yes, actually, that's EXACTLY what it takes. Jeesh! (Of course, I have been teasing him about this episode for the last 10 years - and he is still just as clueless when it happens.)
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