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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
The only time I considered trying poly was early in my relationship. It was not for good reasons though. It would have been used as a tool to desensitize myself to how I look at sex or water down the depth of relationship I have with Redpepper. I am pretty certain that I would not even be on this forum if I had of used that as a coping method. I could see how a mono partner could try poly to distract themselves or even worse, "show them how it feels".
Yeah, immediately after getting involved with a very close friend who is in an open marriage, and being scared that I already loved him too much and that I was going to fall for him really hard and everyone would freak out and it'd be a total trainwreck....So, I started screwing another friend who is a swinger and hot to distract me- and because it just seemed like if both me and her didn't occasionally have sex with some other guy, then we might as well be FLDS. And then as she became more uncomfortable with the involvement, I kept trying harder to find other partners, but it tore me up because I felt like I'd be settling for someone just to make everyone else happy that I had a man of my own....
Then after I'd taken a break from him to give her time to work through things, I met someone cute and nice and fun and in a healthy poly marriage... Which is a good thing, and made everyone happy, but it's not like it doesn't still hurt that it seems she will never be happy with poly.
She said she felt a little less guilty about it when I hooked up with cute poly boy, but that kind of seems like someone feeling less guilty about torturing your eldest child to death because hey, your new baby is healthy!
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