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I must automatically respond to anyone also who has a rabbit in their name

That's an unpleasant situation. It would be great if once someone hurt us, they would just dissapear from earth. Bad enough that they don't, but to be unable to escape that person's energy, wound up in your life such as in your situation, I would also struggle and I feel your pain.

I've been doing a lot of my own emotional work on "letting go" after a bad breakup with a lover I was crazy about who pulled away without explanation. Like you, I am prone to depression--I immediately went to the doc and got myself some Prozac so I wouldn't bottom out. I've been doing a lot of active work--writing her letters I've no intention of sending, reading books about moving on after break ups, books on letting go of attachment and expectations, talking to a therapist, lots of excercise and being very, very gentle with my fragile self. And you know what? It's working! I'm feeling a little better and more able to forgive both myself and her every day.

My advice is don't just sit still and hope your feeling will sort themselves out. Meditate. Journal. Read self-help books. See a shrink. Excercise. Do whatever you can to really actively work this issue out with yourself. You CAN do it. It won't be instant or easy, but your relationship with your boyfriend and with yourself needs it. You'll feel better if you can forgive this woman and just Let. Her. Go. Hang in there!
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