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Originally Posted by Anneintherain View Post
My stress level overall is a bit heightened because I've never had more than two partners before, and while I'm pretty sure the main issue may be scheduling (although Greg's availability does not conflict with my other date nights, yay!) I find myself feeling self conscious about the sheer hedonism of it all. I've felt it is totally acceptable to have two partners but think I've have had an vague feeling that if I had three I'd think I was greedy.
Oh, I know that feeling! I'm out to all my friends, my parents and most of my co-workers, but almost all of them assume that I have 1 BF besides my husband - I tell very few people I'm also seeing someone else, and will tell even fewer people I'm considering adding another FWB. Self conscious about the sheer hedonism, yes that sums it up perfectly.
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