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I figured I should update my story if I'm going to be posting; I've been reading a lot again. Mostly due to the fact that I've had time to. When I last was reading a lot on here, it was because I needed to.

The relationship with our boyfriend was supposed to have a 6 month expiration date, and after that he was definitely moving and we would be trying to move out of state. I was looking forward to enjoying the relationship, just riding it out for that time period because none of us wanted to pursue an LDR. The traid ended up only lasting about 3 months before the boyfriend checked out emotionally/physically due to issues in his life unrelated to myself and my husband. I was pretty upset about it ending early, particularly the way it ended, but that's another story. And in some ways I blame myself for expecting more from someone so much younger, and particularly that I had known that was the type of personality my lover had, and yet deluded myself into thinking things could have worked better and that if he had really loved me the way he claimed to, it would have been fine.

Husband and I are still quite happy together, though we've had our rough times like all couples do. We're still not looking but open to whatever we might find, but we're pretty unique, so finding someone we both want to have a relationship with when it took us as long as it did just to find each other, is a very tall order.

A month ago I got a job in another state, which I'm very happy with. Husband and child will be following in a few months so they can finish up the school year and some projects at work, and being effectively temporarily childless, I've had some time to think and read about polyamory again, and get to read others' stories.

So I guess my signature should read

Me- Straight(ish) thirty-something poly female married to
Husband - Gay(ish) thirty-something poly male
Not looking, not swinging, but open.
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