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Oh thank you thank you thank you!

I'm so tired of hearing the usual old-fashioned, "Well, if he __(was really a nice guy__, then he __wouldn't be keeping you a secret___" or "What an ___insert expletive____".... "advice".

But "just being friends" doesn't address the problems.
This is soooo true. I suspect there's something I need to learn. And I'm having trouble shaking the thought that I've done something wrong.

Also... as a mental preparation, be prepared for his response to be something you didn't count on.
Yes, there are so many variables I'm not yet aware of. We've known each other only for about six months and there are so many conversations we haven't had yet.

Neither of us has been clear what we are to each other. We've both sent our share of mixed messages. His sexuality is not clearcut, either.

So, I think almost anything he has to say wouldn't surprise me.

There are so many things floating around my head. *sigh*

Thank you for the wise advice.
My heart is too big to fit into one person.
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