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Smile Bi male poly-wannabe, saying hi!

Hello, everyone. Can't believe I never found this site before; name's a bit obvious, isn't it?

The FAQ actually has intimidated me from doing my usual total self-disclosure thing. If anonymity is a big value here, OK... but there's so much info about me on the Net already, I suspect revealing anything but the basics is a few steps away from posting my name and photo. So I'll keep this brief, though that totally goes against my nature

I'm interested in polyamory because I don't believe I can be happy with just one man or one woman. One of each would suit me fine, I think. I've had my mind on being in a triad or quad for a couple of years now, but no success yet. Have had two affairs with poly-minded people, but neither relationship lasted long enough to expand to include another bi man. I've been advised to broaden my horizons beyond my closed-loop ideal, and I am trying to be open-minded.

Am happy to share personal details outside the forum!
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