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I'm not sure if he tested for both, actually. I should call back and get that info.

As for the dating life - I think M is definitely out. After not hearing much of anything for a week, I sent her an email a few days ago...basically just saying that while we shared a really nice moment, it was okay to leave it as just that...if she had no interest, it was perfectly fine, because I simply like hanging out with her regardless, and I wouldn't want anything to get weird.

I sent it through Facebook, because I've never really emailed her...and texting something like that just seems ridiculous. And I didn't want to put her on the spot with a phone call. I know that she read it, because FB gives a tiny notification that the message has been seen. And yet, still no word from her. So, unfortunately, I think it has become least for right now. Dammit. I'd love the opportunity to explain some things to her, but it doesn't look like I'll get it. So from this point, I'm going to let it all rest, and wait to hear from her if she wants to hang out.
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