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Not such a good date night. W went on and on about how she doesn't like the schedule now, that's it's too rigid, too confining, she feels trapped. Feels she's not seeing him enough, blah, blah, blah. I tell her I designed the schedule pretty much exactly the way she wanted, and she's stretched time out with her guy by many hours. She actually wanted to reschedule our date night and go see him, but she knows how militant I am about our one date night per week, so she didn't even ask me beforehand.

I keep re-iterating my points that I'm not having my needs met. She claims that's not her job. I say "au contraire, mon frere" ( I didn't phrase it like that). That's the job of everyone in a relationship. It just gets more complicated in a three-person relationship.

Then she talks about her meeting with our friend last night. She says he's being driven by his own jealousy - that he wants her to spend less time with her guy so that HE can spend more time with her. She claims he has, on several occasions, recommended she get out of her marriage because it was "making her unhappy". So fantastic - just what I need, a "friend" who is not a friend of the marriage.
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