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Lol "lance it and stick it out"

Sounds like the preverbal band aid pull. Or... Popping a blister....


Tonight is C's brothers b-day. I told him he was free to play. He looked at me like I had two heads and asked in a very squeaky voice, "really?". I replied "yes, really."

I'm not a tyrant and the only place I'm dominant is at my job, I work for the Canadian army cadet program. I'm otherwise, a very submissive personality. So, it doesn't bother me that he didn't really believe me. He's nervous now. This his first "hunt" ::lol:: with out me making the decisions and moves. Approaching women for a reason other than conversation really isn't his strong suit. Lol he wishes I was going too but I'm only one of the guys when his brother isn't involved. His brother doesn't openly begrudge me but we all know he holds me responsible for C's maturation. I guess it's my fault C has his own business and his own hobbies and not every waking minute to wait on baby brother.
8 years between them and I think baby brother feels C owes his everything. I mean he's given him a job which C hopes "brother" will step up someday so they can start up a new team and "brother" could run it. He bails him out of financial woes, feeds his beer needs, drives him everywhere. As if "brother" feels entitled.
This really hurts C, I can see it. I wish I could say something but this isn't my position. I stay out of it because one day 5 years ago I opened my mouth and said something snarky without thinking. Even though it was the truth ad C agrees it had to be said, "brother" got pissed off and left. Later he called us to come help him get his car unwrapped from the telephone pole. Drunk.
He isn't as much anymore but he used to be detrimental to C and I's relationship. C couldn't talk about me. Not even to say something like, " Mal's taking the boys (anywhere) ...."
I admit that if Chris were to chat up a girl tonight "brother" will ENCOURAGE him to cheat and proceed to devalue me.
C will set him straight and everything but still. Now that I think about it, maybe having "brother" around and drunk is NOT the time to date. He has a huge mouth and doesn't care who gets hurt in his drunken haze cause he's having fun.

I'm gonna mention that to C... See what he thinks.

I always think better this way. Thanks for trying to follow!
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