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I'm off to meet my tersiary/intimate friend in a bit. We haven't seen each other in private for over a month. Since then he has developed a relationship with a woman where-by she has become his sub. It turns out he has not told her about nerdist and I. This weekend is a play party that he and this woman will attend, as will I and Mono (I will be a school principle and he a school boy... Grrr). We are about to negotiate what will happen next. I dom him and he doms her. I'm not sure on a few things like does he even want to engage in that with me? And does he want her to see him like this? Amongst other questions. I guess I am wondering how much I should ask for. How much does a tersiary/intimate friend who is domminated get to do? I quite often take control of him in these situations and if he is doing the same to her then how does that work? My domming him has increased every time and I am wondering if I should step back from allowing that? He has always enjoyed it as much as I have and loves doing what he is told and usually agrees but this feels different somehow. Hmmmm? I guess when we meet we shall talk all that out. Anyone have an opinion though?
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