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Question Poly or monogamous in a poly relationship?

Well I guess this will be my first official post, well, other than my post in the introductions thread.

I've identified as monogamous for all of my adult life and have only recently begun to really learn about polyamory. I met and fell very deeply in love with a man who has long identified himself as polyamorous. He has been been married for over 10 years and both he and his wife are involved in relationships outside their marriage. I have met his wife and have complete respect and admiration for her and, of course, she is aware of our relationship.

I struggle with identifying myself as polyamorous because at this point in my life, I really don't want to have any additional relationships with anyone but him. I will admit that the thought crosses my mind when I am missing him, feeling lonely and wishing we were together or when the green eyed monster crosses my path. But once those moments pass, I find that I don't want to get involved with anyone else.

Does anyone else struggle with this same thing?
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