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[QUOTE=GalaGirl;187525]What shit?

I apologize if what I write is hard to read/hear and hurt you somehow. My intent is not to hurt you. I am not judging you. You will choose what you choose. You are the boss of you. I'm not going to tell you what you should and should not do. That's up to you. My intent is to try to point out other ways to go to consider if that could serve you just as good. *shrug*

I don't know how to do the quote thing right so I hope this works. I wanted to address this first. I'm not hurt by any of the responses. I'm actually very happy to get a conversation going. The shit stirring is the original post. I know it's boarder line controversial and would get more hits. So, your giving me exactly what I want, and thank you!

Now I also want to address the contradicting myself. Yes I know it seems like a contradiction, I was hurt by a lie about my husband, but more because he waited to tell me for years, and I wasn't hurt until he told me. I know this tactic of being "single" online will inflict some hurt if someone actually meets me, and I reveal the truth. But the profile its self is not hurting anyone right?

Also as an update, my profile is getting tons of traffic now. Lots of responses, even rejection responses which I never got before either, just dead silence. But still no dates, but it's only been days.

Again thank you to anyone leaving an opinion on this. Does anyone have a better site then okcupid? Or other meet ups for potential mates? I'm 3 hours from Minneapolis, I know there is a MN poly group but I don't want to pay the $15 every year for forum access. Although advertising that I'm closer to there might get me more hits, but it is a stretch for me to get to Minneapolis for dates.
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