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Well this will be a change.

Apparently Tuesday Lamian actually discussed with Primal for the first time since he and I got together about protection. Primal and I haven't been using anything but my birth control and she admitted she wasn't comfortable with that.

So last night (with her permission cause he didn't have any chance to get non-latex prophylactics) we had non barrier sex for the last time until she is comfortable.

I did mention to him that I was a little upset that she didn't talk to me also about it (since we live together) and instead put him in the position of the middle man.

But now I have 48 non-latex condoms to see if it does work for us. Otherwise we'll have to approach her about possibly changing things.

EDIT: And then I get home and am informed Primal misunderstood Lamian and she was just curious if we were using or not. Not that she didn't want us to without protection.
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