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Too much going on in my life and in my friends' lives. Some joys, some concerns, some sufferings. Don't feel like details. I'm on a meta track in conversation in my head with myself.

Suffering is a part of Living. You weather it out and make it through. Hopefully not just in one piece, but in good spirit and with a decent attitude.

Knowing when I hit my own personal limitations? That's a limit. Limit achieved. To unsuffer? I have to let go.

I may even have to let go of many ropes.

But sometimes that can be a gift -- giving the gift of a LIMIT to someone else. So they can stop swinging around in Hang Time and have solid ground again.

BAM. There it is. SOMETHING solid. A LIMIT. Now you have a reference point to recalibrate and navigate again to set off again in Life Journey in a better direction.

Not flapping around lost and blind and with no recourse. Just aimless, endless suffering suckage.

My one friend saw the lawyer moves on to the next step in the divorce.

My other friend is not sure if divorce is in his future.

I've got all kinds of eldercare concerns.

But this afternoon I turned my face to the sun, looked at the blue sky, and dumped rope. Sometimes I could give that gift to ME.

I don't know where I go to next, but I know I go lighter. I know I go toward the light.

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