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The thing that stood out to me when i read your second post was your use of the term "young hot couple". The way you used this term suggests to me that you don't consider yourself and/or your wife "young and hot". As if this other couple holds all the good cards and can call the shots because hey, they're young and hot, they could have anyone they want, so we better not do anything to rock the boat with them or they can just move on to the next person waiting in line to get with them.

Of course i might have it wrong, as i just skimmed the second post and didn't read most of the first one. But do i have it wrong? Or do i have something right? I have glommed onto this one thing because you mentioned uou're in your early 30's and it always gives me a chuckle when people who are younger than i am think they're so old they don't stand a chance with the "young hot" people. You probably are a "young hot" couple too and don't even realize it.
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