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Okay, so I must admit. I'm learning from the internet world, that the best way to get yourself some attention is to stir up a little sh*t. So, where is my sh*t stir stick?

I know it's "wrong" to lie to someone. I guess I'm not as clear in words as I am in my own head. Even though it's wrong, it's not really hurting anyone. It's like pot smoking in my opinion. It might not be "right" in the eyes of the law, but it's not really hurting anyone is it? Well other then the people who get busted for it. I ascribe by the philosophy of anarchy. If you haven't checked out Stefan Molynuex he explains anarchy and the non-aggression axiom much better then I.

My husband lied to me when I met him. He told me he was straight, but right before we got married he confessed that he is actually bi, and had actually been with a few men in the past. It hurt, I was mad, I was confused, but I still love him in the end. I was merely reacting to a stigma that society shoved down my brain hole. I over came that, and I have faith that most humans can do the same.
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