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Default Poly? Or lying?

I have a dilemma.

So, I've been seeing a guy for a couple months who's also been involved with a man long distance for the last year or so. He wants to break up with the guy, for different reasons. Right now, he's away staying with his "boyfriend" and I've been giving him space to sort things out.

Here's the tricky part. This guy doesn't know about me because he is not poly, so he would be hurt and jealous, (especially because I'm a woman).

At first, I felt uncomfortable about this, but felt more understanding when I knew a few more of the details. But, my original understanding was that they'd be breaking up during their visit and so far, the guy I'm dating hasn't had the courage to tell his boyfriend his true feelings. They've spent the last few weeks together and the boyfriend still doesn't know the truth!

This seems so dishonest to me and not poly at all! I feel uncomfortable about it.

I've pretty much decided I'm steering clear of the whole messy situation and intend to be just friends when he comes back. But, I thought maybe one of you wise poly's might have some good poly advice for me.

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