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Talking Hello POLY PEOPLE! Iowa

Hey Everyone,

My name is Phil I'm 26. I've been openly practicing for a few years. I have no idea what I want to say. Just hi, The past few months I haven't really felt accepted or around people that accept me for the real me. So I just googling some stuff about being poly, went to and there was a link here. I can't believe there are people in Iowa that are this open. That's ridiculously awesome I'm just looking to get to know people that have similar views as me, sure I'm looking for all the hot bi babes (lol it was a joke...ish ;-) ) But I'm hoping to meet some people I can actually connect with. I've never felt this alone, and I know that there are sure to be a lot of cool people on here.

Patiently waiting,
Phil K.
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