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Since it pings your ethics you could choose to listen. I understand you feel frustrated. Could choose to stay true to your values anyway.

Could strive for accuracy and put more info IN maybe. State you are married. Exploring poly. And want nothing more at this time than some good dates with women to have that experience. A good Opening. Rather than having a full blown open relationship. A date with someone is not a full blown thing. You want some dates. Maybe there are others who want same?

Your want to polyship is want not a need. I mean that kindly but firmly. It comes with the territory. You can Open. That is great to share with DH... that loving trust. Does not mean anyone will automatically Enter into relationship with you guys though.

Could choose to cultivate patience. Could choose to not start lying by omission in your profile. Seems a waste of energy to not put it on there, go on a date, then have a hooha because that could have been put out there before the date.


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