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Originally Posted by Malfunktions View Post
... Or do you just add duct tape?
OK, I had to laugh - while I do NOT advocate this approach for relationship woes, in general ... I am a "just add duct tape" kind of girl.

True story:
We had this beat up old van and the headlight fell out...we taped it back in place. Every 8-10 months the headlight would fall out again (you'd hear it banging against the fender, dangling by it's wires. We replaced the duct tape. (For 5-6 YEARS actually). Headlight works fine - no problems.

The time/effort/money to actually FIX the problem (the brackets were broken, the screws were stripped...blah,blah,blah) was so NOT worth it when 2 minutes of time and $0.02 worth of duct tape did a fine enough job.

So I gently say that I disagree with this statement (bold mine)
Originally Posted by Malfunktions View Post
You should always fix what's broken before attempting a quick fix.
Nope...sometimes, "good enough" is plenty. The trick is to prioritize and recognize when a problem is significant enough to actually invest the time and energy into actually fixing it. Otherwise you can spend a lot of time/effort/money in fussing over insignificant BS and never get to the really important stuff.

Your relationship - yup. Important.
My van headlight - nope. Not important.


PS. The "coat-hanger-and-duct-tape" repair I did at 16 when I attempted to rip the fender off of my Dad's car lasted SEVEN YEARS! I think the adhesive must have melded with the fiberglass or some magic...
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