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Default The Disclaimer

Before I go much further I feel the need to defend Nails in the next few things that I write. I know I keep doing that but I can’t help it. I start to write and I know I make him seem like a terrible selfish ass and while yes at times he can be that he isn’t that way all the time and never really intentionally. I’m trying to write all of this from the place I was during that time and while he and Giggles were experiencing NRE for the most part, I was not. I wouldn’t let myself because I was too busy feeling like I was losing something. No one was really the bad guy in any of this, no one was the good guy, we were just three people caught up in something none of us could have ever predicted and emotions were high…very high.

Nails and I have never been fighters. I mean we’ve had little spats but nothing damaging and unfortunately there was damage done over the last year on his part and on mine. Last night we were lying in bed and Nails asked me if I thought other couples had sex as much as we do. I laughed and said I don’t know but if that don’t I guess it could explain why marriages don’t last. He then said that he can’t imagine living in a relationship with constant drama and constant conflict. He said the last year has been hard on him because of the fights we’ve had and I agreed it had been hard on me too but we had worked through it we will always work through it, our communication is too strong not to.

That being said…let the story continue…
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