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[QUOTE=Lotsoflove;187461]Can i ask him to at least have a converstation about this? How it makes me feel? I just can't let him slip away so easy. I still love him so much that i could forgive him his fault of lying, if he just stops with it. I can't stand him lying, not even to someone i do not know.../QUOTE]

People fail us. They don't live up to the best version of themselves - to steal from Oprah.

Your ex has shown you who he is - the best and the worst. Believe him. He's not going to change and suddenly become willing to chance conflict or disappoint people. (Sometimes I think people who avoid conflict and want to make people happy at all costs do more damage than outright assholes.)

Another conversation is not going to change anything. You don't have any control over his character faults and how they drive his actions. It might help you to get things off your chest which is not a bad thing. But you can also write a letter or an email for that and have the same effect.

Mourn the relationship. Mourn the better person he should have been. Acknowledge the good things he brought to you. And begin moving on.
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