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Would love to vent some feelings, that keep coming up....

First: i'm still in complete "overwhelmed" mode. I just still can't believe that someone who i've loved deeply for so long (2,5 years is long for me, being 29), can be so blunt to just deny everything we had...

Second: i can't imagine that someone just assumes his girlfriend doesn't want him to be honest. He decides for her, that he wants to keep it a secret how he feels for other woman... He had a hypothetical "what do you think of kissing others" converstation, but in a hypothetical converstation, almost everyone who is not already poly would say: no of course i want you to only kiss me.
But what if he was brave enough to lounge a hypothetical conversation like: what if someone lies to his girlfriend, would you still love him? Would you still trust him, if he keeps secrets...

Oh my god... i just love him to much to let him go, and to let him be so dishonest to the one he loves. I'm having a lot of thougts about not letting him get away so easy... To ask him over for a face to face talk about lying, letting people down etc. But as for now i'm not yet sure if that is appropriate, and if not, if i'm still willing to not give up without a fight.

The strange thing is that i have had thoughts about letting him go before, but that would have been from a place of love. Not a place of dishonesty and betrayal.

What do you guys/ladies think.

Can i ask him to at least have a converstation about this? How it makes me feel? I just can't let him slip away so easy. I still love him so much that i could forgive him his fault of lying, if he just stops with it. I can't stand him lying, not even to someone i do not know...


and lots of confusion
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