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Originally Posted by nikkiana View Post
I'm in the same situation. I lurk along with a few of the BDSM groups in my area on FetLife, most of them host munches and play parties... and it often feels like the discussion online is often about play party activities, so I know I feel intimidated to check out a munch because I'm not interested in doing any play that isn't totally private.
I would still go to the munches if I were you. Many people do not enjoy public play but getting together with like minded folks is almost always a nice thing. It isn't always about play. You can meet people at munches who think the way you do. Often times some of these people will host very small and private parties in their home. I know a few who do so and not even necessarily play parties. I've been to everything from afternoon BBQ's where everyone could be themselves, including fetish clothes, collars/leashes etc to full on seven course meals served by the slaves where there was no play at all.

Sometimes it is just really nice to be able to hang out with people who know and not have to watch what comes out of your mouth. First step in doing fun things like this is to get out there and meet others whether or not you have a desire to play in public.
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