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Red face

All of my friends Thinks that I should forget and try to live and give to my bf.

Everybody except one, who admits that he could never understand it fully, but I have to stay strong.

I think that guy #2 either is poly (yay happy days) or mono (and then not interested in me, but another girl)... That's why I haven't mentioned him to my bf...

... My bf friends have a strong opinion about it - that girls should stay faithful to their boys and so on...
They do not know however how I feel...

Last time I got into trouble, my mum kept telling me that it is illegal (bi/polygamy is, not polyamory) and that I should fit myself into the system. So it's stigmatic the least.

I am afraid. When my bf finds out, what if he freaks out at try to hurt me or #2?
I know that would have happened if my X had the chance.

My idea is to tell him that I love two people (without mentioning who the other guy is). If he breaks up, I have not as much to lose as he have. If he don't, as you said, either he is happy or sad about it...
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