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Unhappy Mono bf won't accept me being poly

I am not very skilled with English language, so I give you my problem in caveman-speech:

I 'am' poly.*
I am poly virgin.
Met boyfriend.
Told boyfriend I am poly.
Boyfriend: I love you anywaaaay~
1 year passed
Moved in with bf
I fall in love with one more guy
Talk about poly again (without mentioning guy #2 yet)
Boyfriend: But you're only mine! I not share!
Guy #2 probably not interested. Or is he?
It dosen't matter.
Only want to be honest again with bf.

What do I do? How do I tell him that I love one more guy?

* I've been in love with multiple guys at several times before, this is the second time it becomes a problem though. Last time my bf-by-then broke up with me.

I feel nauseous when being with either guy... It's horrible... I can't handle all these feelings!
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