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Originally Posted by tryingforhim View Post
From what I saw, she called me selfish, unreasonable and that I play games to get him to spend less time with her.
Why does your husband allow her to trash-talk you? That is simply not right and HE should be the one to nip that in the bud right from the start. While I would not tolerate a metamour dictating terms of my relationship with someone, there is a thing called respect. And that respect has to go in both directions. No way in hell would I ever say anything remotely negative about a lover's partner unless I thought there was some kind of danger there. And no way in hell would I ever tolerate a lover saying bad things about another lover of mine, especially an established, long-term partner. Have you asked him why he lets her say things like that?

Originally Posted by tryingforhim View Post
. . . he is 42, I am 33 and she is 20.
Well, she is obviously a very immature 20 year old. Why is he even going for someone that young and stupid?
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