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"I was happier when you said you and him weren't having a sexual relationship bc I felt if I was good and gave you everything you need you'd realize you don't need that from him anymore and it can be just between you and me."
I guess I just don't feel threatened by announcements of feelings? Feelings are not logical. I am willing to accept that. Initially I didn't even pick up on that quote because it read like "weather reporting only" to me.

My reaction to that quote when rereading it now that others resonate with it remains to ask the partner this --
"AND? What is your need, your request of me? Are you feeling insecure and in need of some reassure from me? No? No request? Just reporting the weather?

Ok. Heard ya. If you have a future need request? Please just ask up front. Otherwise... thanks. I am now aware of your internal climate."
And to myself I add

"Alright. Not my problem at this time. I'm not gonna worry about it."

Is this coming up a lot? Weather reporting at OP expecting mind readering? OP could ask for the clarify.

Everyone could hold their own emotional baggage. A partner could choose to help one unpack and sort if requested to help and willing to help... but a partner cannot do it FOR one.


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