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Originally Posted by StudentofLife View Post
"Using poly" might be people who can function happily for much longer periods of time with only one intimate relationship, as long as their needs are being met. When their needs are no longer being met, they will look for other ways to do that, with other people. Not cheating, since in theory they are open about it, but not always a part of their lives, maybe situationally?
Very valid point you bring up. Is it too bold to say maybe these partners, the ones claiming poly, only choose to bring it up because they are lacking in some aspects of their relationship? Ie, contemplate cheating then coincidentally come across the subject of poly and assume " oh! Maybe I'm poly. If I suggest it then maybe I'll get to keep my marriage but also get a green light to "whore around"? Obviously, that statement is the discretion of that partners other partner, the one who isn't providing the needs' or, dare I say, boring the suspecting poly partner?
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