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Originally Posted by Delphinius View Post
Hi adarkwolf,
With dating, my husband was directed to OKCupid; a dating site that lets people explain more about where they're at and what they're looking for. My husband's profile says he's in a relationship with his wife and her boyfriend. It says "available" rather than "single" (those listing single generally lean monogamous).
Not that this really matters, and OKCupid's workings may have changed since I disabled my account two years ago, but it used to be that "available" was how it automatically listed anyone who identified themself as "married" or "seeing someone" on one multiple-choice question and said they were looking for anything besides friends or "long-distance pen-pals" on a second multiple-choice question.

But it's a really good site. Or at least it was when I used it.
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