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I stole time with Plinth on Tuesday, time I didn't really have. Traded in some me-time between work tasks and dinner (previously set aside for much-overdue letter & e-mail writing, and a long shower) for drinking iced tea with Plinth, holding hands, skating our feet up and down side streets, peering up at the corners of buildings butting bricks against the sky, scouting around to find dry grass in the belly of a city park. I stripped down to my underwear (boxers, sports bra) and lay beside him for longer than was wise. Made it back into town just in time to catch Ocean for our planned dinner date. Foolish, wonderful. Can't repeat too often.

As I scampered from one street corner (kissing a frantic good-bye to Plinth), across two blocks and into Ocean's familiar arms, I thought yet again about how much I am grateful for our wide open love. I was on a high from seeing Plinth, the sweat of his skin all over my body and in my mouth, and I didn't have to hide it. No guilt. No cheating. Pure joy.

I am well loved.
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