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Default Update

GalaGirl- Thank you, those are all excellent suggestions. Love reading through threads and your responses. Your approach to communication is refreshing, and something I definitely strive for in my relationships.

I did finally just tell MD how I was feeling. Feeling like she was pulling away, and reiterated that I was her friend above anything else and that I would give her space if that's what she needed, but that I needed her to tell me and be upfront with me. She responded that she wasn't pulling away, that she was just keeping to herself, hadn't been drinking and was staying close to home with her daughter. She assured me she would tell me if there was something going on with her, but that she was just being herself-a bit of an introvert.

All in all a very positive convo. The only discouraging thing was that she said "This can't be much more than it is already....I have to keep reminding myself that too" I am totally fine with the status quo of what we have right now, so I'm not sure why I hate to hear her say that?

We got to spend the night together last night. Lots of fun laughs, intense convo getting to know eachother, some snuggling and kissing. It's like a balm to my soul to be close to her.

She mentioned again last night that she would love to get together with FJ to talk, which I am encouraging.

So....for now I am practicing contentment in enjoying the moment and making sure I am communicating my needs and listening for hers and my husband's and my family's. Quite the juggling act, but a challenge that has already resulted in so much self-growth.
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