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Originally Posted by JaneQSmythe View Post
I miss them but am glad they are having a good time. I was just a little worried - because spending that much time in the car with someone can be a strain and MrS is used to traveling with just me (and we are really good at traveling together) but apparently Dude's style of road-trip is pretty compatible with what we are used to.

Before he left, Dude was planning some activities for us at the destination we are meeting up at (he used to live in the area). Had a funny moment as he was making reservations for one activity as he almost signed us up for the "Valentine's Day" package...then realized that making a reservation for a "romantic dinner for three" might be problematic
Thanks for giving me my first and second proper 'lol' on the site. The idea of the romantic Valentine's for 3 has amused me greatly!
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