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Had a lovely romantic weekend away with Ren. Lots of talking, reconnecting, great food, lovely hikes, hotel room-sex

Now I'm home in bed with the flu (which was bound to hit me sooner or later - everyone I'm close to has been sick, and I've partying hard lately and not taking good care of myself, so...).
And while I am home alone, Ren is off on a date with Lou. Their dates don't bother me (much) (anymore), but today this one does. I just looked in the mirror and saw my flu-face, and the thought that he's in bed with a charming and beautiful woman right now who doesn't need to blow her red nose every 5 minutes, is... making me even crankier than the flu is already making me.

I guess I should just enjoy the fact that he's out of the house for a bit, I'm not a very good patient and I hate being nursed (detest those recurrent 'how are you? feeling any better?' questions - I just want to be left alone thank you). I just hope I won't pick a fight when he returns later tonight.

Feeling very disconnected from C. He's coming to my city this weekend and will stay with us, Ren is also here which means no sex for me and C., which means that theoretically we could skip the 'have you had sex with Molly and if you had sex with Molly did you use a condom?' talk. Knowing him, he will be happy to skip it, knowing me, I won't let that happen. Ah, I don't know... right now my head hurts so much I don't want to have ANY conversation, let alone a difficult one.

Have been exchanging witty emails and the occasional slightly naughty picture with BGuy. We have date in 2 weeks, which I am really looking forward to. Now, i just have to focus on getting better.
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