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Well, you already checked in with spouse on the question of
"I am experiecing crazy NRE with the BF. Am I meeting your wants, needs, and limits? I do not want to neglect my marriage just because of NRE."
That was good. He gave you the response that he's doing fine. WTG!

Alrighty. Next up is what?

We haven't had sex a whole lot in the last few weeks though so I worry. I know that he and his gf have a lot of sex so maybe I should just be happy that his sexual needs are being met, even if it's not with me? Maybe he thinks our sex is boring too haha
Balancing the sex needs inside the marraige. Is that it? If so... Did you talk about these things too? Something like...

DH, we always had a pretty good sex life with the normal ebbs and flows. I want to know if you could be willing to explore more things with me. I get to share some of that exploring experience with BF, but I really want to share that with you also. So could you be willing to talk to me about trying new things in that area of our relationship?
DH, I've noticed you gained quite a bit of weight over the years. I'm still attracted to you but I have a concern that I'm also not AS attracted as I used to be which makes me less inclined to initiate sex. I wonder if you do not initiate sex because you are sexed out with the GF. Could you talk to me about my feelings regarding sex frequency inside the marriage? I would welcome more sex frequency as well as more sex exploring.

And if you have underlying health things going on there, could we talk about that? How was your last health check up? I want to grow old with you and not worry about our physical health as we age together. And sex health is a part of our physical health. I want us to healthy in the marriage.
Could take it out there, and just HAVE the conversation. So you can then KNOW.

Can't KNOW without ASKING. It is good you want to keep tending to your marriage and keep it in a healthy place.


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