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I'm not going to actually respond to details in those right now, because I just came home early from a date and found my father on the floor. I have just - for the first time - convinced him to go to a doctor in another country. He has dealt with his issues for a long time, and that's probably what contributed to his wife giving up and taking her own life. *Yeah, seriously.* Life is tough. He just agreed to let me get him real insurance and let some doctors to tell him what he's dealing with, and then he can decide if he'd like to deal with it medically upon our return. I don't know how well I (we) will deal with the fallout, but I handle all situations better with more data.

Thank you guys for your understanding and lack of judgement. It means a lot. I'll be back tomorrow with more of my brain to devote to the discussion.

EDIT: I don't really believe any offense can be taken from people speaking their minds, especially in the kind sense you all have shown. I cannot describe the relief I feel tonight, for a multitude of reasons. Thank you again.

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