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Default Poly-Sub says hi ^_^

Hi Everyone.

I've never believed in the constraints of monogamy, but I didn't consider polyamory until I found the right partner(s) to consider it with. I am submissive and bi-sexual and live with my boyfriend, dominant and hetero. We are bdsm first, poly second. He has another girlfriend, bi-curious and switch. We are sexually a triangle, but emotionally more of a V with him as the hinge. They've had a long history together and were previously monogamous. I met him at a time when they weren't together. When he and I decided to open our relationship to women only, we invited her in.

We are mostly happy.. I'm happy.. with him and with her.

However, their relationship is rocky. I think that they still love each other for the sake of the love that they once had before, that and the sex is great. They constant break up, make up, fight, love. They fight about her insecurities and jealousies, his aggression, how he doesn't spend time with her, how he ignores her, how she doesn't appreciate him, and so forth. Frankly, their relationship is toxic to the point of changing phone numbers multiple times. They both know that they don't want to be in this kind of relationship, but neither wants to be the one to end it.

Meanwhile, I try to be as patient and supportive as I possibly can be. Sometimes I get caught in the middle. Sometimes I get left out. I want them both to be happy, but I know there is nothing I can really do to help them fix there relationship or move on. I've tried removing myself from the situation and focusing on my relationship with him, but then they're happy again and I feel like a bad person if I don't appreciate their happiness. Thus, I get drawn back in. I feel like I'm a child again and my parents are fighting, but this time neither one wants to finalize the divorce.

And so our triangle becomes a circle, cycling between beautiful trio bliss and hateful competition. I try so hard to be patient, but their conflict affects me. I'm afraid that I can't do this forever. If I didn't love him perhaps I simply walk away from both of them. But he is my soul mate, so that isn't an option.

Anyways, happy to meet everyone,
Happily complicated in a semi-closed triangle with my Master and his girlfriend <3

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