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An update,

Well it has been a month since the last update and we are all doing well. It is so different this time around. We actually all have become more of a family with all our kids being the focus most of the time. We spend some time together the tree of us sexually and each of us spend some time in pairs of all configurations. K has joint custody of her kids, every other week and so H and I's kids only get to see them every other week. When that Monday rools around the kids demand to see their poly sisters as soon as school is over. We spend most of that week in a very family relationship. We eat dinner together most nights and on the weekends there are sleepovers for the kids somewhere. This is priority over sexual interaction which is scarse on those weeks.

On the other weeks we set aside time for H and I both to have some alone time with K if she chooses to exercise that, but mostly we all end up sleepoing together many nights.

In short it has evolved from some taboo odd lifestyle to a regular relationship with alot of love and some very happy kids. If only we could get the rest of this small town to but out and leave us be it would be perfect. We have a sign in our den which reads "As far as everyone knows we are a nice normal family" which we really have become.

Now if we could all live in one house it would be much easier. Maybe one day, but for now it is as good as it gets.
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