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She came over on Sunday, the three of us spent the afternoon outside, the weather was nice. I asked her if she would like to join us in the bedroom again, she said that the last time was perfect and she wasn't sure she wanted to continue doing that. I told her that we had an amazing time and that if it was good for her it was good for us. She said it was good for her and then joined us for more fun. After that Kate showed me how to make one of her favorite dishes. Preparation of dinner was very playful, I was dubbed the kitchen slave. After dinner we ended up cuttled up in bed, each of us holding the other twos hands. It was nice.

I am still trying to take things slow. I want her to know we like her without making her feel pressure to define anything yet. Dating a married couple is probably not even on most people's radar. I try to express my feelings so everyone knows how I feel. I also asked her to let us know if she needed for us to do or not do anything, I told her we really liked her. I didn't want her to feel like she was just our plaything. She kind of laughed when I said that and told me she would be our plaything any time. Everyone is having fun for now, crossing my fingers for everything to continue running smooth. We are planning to go out for dinner next weekend.
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