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After a long telephone discussion with W during lunch today, I'm seriously considering going ahead and putting a stop to all this. So now I have to decide whether to:

1) Tell her we're done with this polyamory experiment and let her make her decision. I'm pretty sure she'll decide to keep seeing her guy. So then I would go ahead and start divorce proceedings based on her adultery, or
2) Sit down with her and start working on the divorce ourselves, with me telling her what I want for me and the kids, or
3) Go to an attorney and start the divorce based on some kind of other thing, like the fact that she's emotionally abusive, unstable, dishonest, etc.
4) Talk to W's guy and tell him we're stopping the polyamory. He agreed when we started this he would not want to do anything to interfere with our marriage.

If we pursue the divorce and all the polyamory/open marriage stuff comes out, will we be in danger of having our kids taken from us? If this were a possibility, I would not even examine the idea of divorce.

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