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Thank you Annabel. Got to say that life is pretty good at the moment!


Me and rory are going to a party this weekend. Gemma is going to be there and Casper probably as well. I'm really looking forward to it! Right after the weekend we've arranged a day for rory and Evan to meet. I'm really excited about that but somehow not nervous at all. They're both so great, and knowing their personalities and tastes I can't imagine them not getting along.

I've noticed something interesting. Although me and rory are very similar in most things, our biggest difference is the introvert/extrovert thing and our energy levels. And that happens to be something where me and Evan are very similar. Like me, he also has a lot of energy, an active social life, a lot of friends (and feels quite easy to get to know new people) and not much need for alone time. I find this interesting now that I've gotten used to rory's ways and actually on some level JJ's ways as well. I'm not sure if JJ would be classified as an extrovert or introvert, but I do know that he liked his alone time and needed it more than me. One thing I love about poly is the variety and I like noticing these differences. They're not good or bad, just observations. Interesting times.
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