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I will also add, I recommend that if you're starting an adventure, to share it with your partner, if they have an interest. Or at least let them know, 'hey, I'm learning about this new thing. It really interests me.'

I see a lot of folks come in to and they've read everything, and spent months or years thinking on it, and the partner has no clue. Then they don't want to wait, to give their partner the months and years to think on it, and to come to it gradually, in the same way the originally did. It seems painful to do it that way, which is why I recommend including a partner in the beginning.

I've recently seen some come here who are exploring with their partners. They're spending a long time talking and learning before they even decide if they want to open up. It's inspiring to me.

I hope you find lots of interesting new stuff in here, and out there, to enlighten your journey.
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