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Default major relationship change

I'll try to keep things short since there can be a lot of details. Firstly, my wife who is bi discovered poly a few years back. We talked about it and after awhile I was ok with the possibility, especially so she could have a girl (which she still hasn't). After a while she found another guy in her pursuits and fell for him (not her intent since she doesn't like guys that much). He had to move for his job shortly after we met him in person and he has been trying to move back ever since. They haven't been together yet either and its a LDR. Not sure if he will ever actually move back but again I am ok with it now.

Now for the next problem. She still loves me but we have never had good chemistry as a couple. So we talked and she suggested that we were family but no longer a couple. So this is what I am trying to deal with now. Since I am still new to this and having to adjust to new roles and definitions of the relationship. Coming from a "normal" background, this sort of flies in the face of everything I know or have had in my upbringing. From some of what I have read, it seems the only truely fair way to have a poly relationship with other partners since there is no longer a "primary". I am free to date as is she but we still remain family for each other (more like brother and sister I guess) and for our young son.

Any thoughts on this? Things to watch out for? How to go about dating and explaining my situation? (we are still "paper" married and wont divorce unless something very serious comes along. We also own a home together and plan on living together at least part time at least unless something serious comes along)
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